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A little of history

   Jesus Duran Fernandez rides exercising his professional activity as a freelancer translator since 2010. Its assignment has been the translation for all kinds of documentation for different types of clients like individuals, companies or translation agencies.
   Since he began his journey with the languages, there for 2007, he has managed to obtain the certifications C2 and B2 of the university of Cambridge for the English native language and of the Goethe Institute, upper intermediate certification for German.
   Previously and due to his journeys for life, worked as an international transporter, visiting clients in Germany and England and also on the domestic market. This experience joined to the different certifications obtained later have brought him a lot of experience, which serves to him now to exercise himself as a home translator.
   The beginning of his activity was a meandering path, his illness made him pass for many stages in his life as translator. The undifferentiated schizophrenia, the anxiety, the depression and the lack of money to acquire the whole needed equipment to perform the translation, did that its activity in the translation was not established firmly until 2014. Since then and till now the translation of documentation, web sites and all kinds of certificates and IT have been his way of life and his more chased aim.

Jesus Duran Fernandez

   Aristotles said that the communication is a process where all the persuasion means in the scope of us are used to make us understand. This today humanly is a process that implies the information exchange, that uses symbolic systems to communicate two persons face to face or by means of hand gestures or by means of sent messages using the telecommunications, the speech or the writing and that allow us to interact with other persons and realise some type of exchange of information.
   Translation on its part has been the activity that consists on the understanding of one text on one language, called source text to produce a text with its corresponding meaning, in another language, called translated text. The result of this activity, the translated text, is also called translation. When the translation is carried out on an oral manner, this knows itself as interpreting. The discipline that stablish a mechanism on the theory, the description and the application for the translation and interpreting is denominated Translation & Interpretation.
   From beginning of ours buddy sins for the two thousand and ten, we have tried to offer the best translation quality in the whole documentation that has come to us. Offering a translation much made alike with the language source but with a matching that points out those that exist in the language source with what is translated on the destination language and for a reasonable price.
   The beginning was difficult, in fact, the tortuous way that has taken us here, has given us a lot of experience, which has served to us to exercise the translation and interpreting in many of its fields. I personally a as home translator have interpreted and translated diverse conversations and documents...


Our services

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Corporate translations

Translation of all kinds of business documentation, financials, marketing, business mails, assurance policies, medicals, corporate publicity, postings, leaflets and triptichs, subtitling of corporate videos and renderising with Adobe Encore, etc...


Translation of all kinds of Websites and software in XHTML 1.1, HTML 5, HTML 4, PHP, MIF of Abobe FrameMaker, Adobe Indesign CS 2-CS 4 INX, Adobe Indesign CS 4-CC IDML, Adobe Incopy CS 4-CC ICML, QuarkXpress, Java, Portable Object (PO), Subrip, XML Microsoft.NET, XML OASIS SECURITY 1.2, XML OASIS DocBook 4.5, XML compatible with Author-it, XML Madcap Compliant, XML with W3C ITS and XML in any code...


Novels, prose, poetry, essays, cinema dialogues, theater. Subtitling and rending with Adobe Encore, etc...

Law & Legal

Legal mail, contracts, ethic code, powers, writings, ISOs, homologations, patents, copyright, taxation, duties, medicals, companies right, articles of constitution, articles of association, etc...

Engineering and Mechanics

Industrial engineering, civil engineering, mechanics, cars, trucks, Oil & Gas, transportation, shipping, environment, ecologicals, agriculturals, manufacturing, etc...

Quality Standars

   The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment and Translation, abbreviated in English as CEFR or CEF or CEFRL (compared to the German abbreviations GeR or GeRS or the Spanish one MCER) and the norm UN-EN 15038 have been some guidelines used to describe achievements of translators of foreign languages across Europe and, increasingly, in other countries. It was put together by the Council of Europe as the main part of the project "Language Translation for European Citizenship" between 1989 and 1996. Its main aim is to provide a method of translation for all the languages in Europe providing quality standars of any translation pair in all the languages across Europe. In November 2001, a European Union Council Resolution recommended using the CEFR to set up a system of translation validation and language ability. The norm UNE EN 15038 refers to a set of quality criteria and of appropriate measurements for which the provider of the translation service is responsible. The certificate helps to improve the efficiency of the companies, since its scope contemplates the correct design of the following aspects: management of the human resources of the company, especially important in this type of certification; suitable technical capacity and management of the technical resources; implantation of a proper system of quality management, correct management of the projects of translation; and application, when it is possible, of a few suitable extra cost services.
   Translators are people capable of building bridges between language communities. Their ambitious objective is sometimes seen as the art of the impossible: to reproduce in one language ideas originally thought and written in another, duplicating a way of using language that, by definition, is uniquely shaped within the confines of a different culture. Even if there are theoretical difficulties, translation is an efficient communication tool. It allows citizens of an increasingly interconnected world to interact and have a say in shaping their common future without the need to give up their language - an integral part of their identity.
   The translation services of the Union institutions are the largest in the world in terms of size and variety of languages and themes covered and offer excellent career prospects at the heart of European integration.
   Beyond the European institutions, translation operations are at the centre of a thriving industry with activities ranging from globalisation of websites to localisation of handbooks and video games, from legal and enginieering translations to the subtitling of films and videos games.
   Progress in translation activities has gone hand in hand with the development of new computer-based tools. Translation memories are now well-established and are complemented by Euramis, the EU’s interinstitutional translation memory repository. The European Union has also developed IATE, a database for all Eurelated terminology containing 9 million terms and covering the 23 official EU languages.
   While computers provide powerful means of increasing productivity and improving quality and consistency, the human touch remains irreplaceable at the core of this difficult art.
   With Regard to us we intend to offer the best translation quality for every work that come to us in every area of assignment and for a reasonable price.

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