DVX3 Profesional

We have experience in 3 languages thanks to be professional linguistic certificates, that know to satisfy the more complex needs of translation, fulfilling terms, the specific requisites of each country and strict clauses of confidentiality.

We are native translators of Spanish and English and own a middle level of German who makes us give a local touch to their mother tongue. Like experts in the matter, we contributed the specialized knowledge that the industry requires.

Settled down in Cehegín-Murcia, we are enabled to transmit with all precision all the content, tone and meaning, being incorporated at the same time cultural shades so that their messages have force, personality and relevance in the destination language.

Manage yourself its needs for marketing, normative fulfillment and the most complex claims in 3 languages. As Linguistic professionals we are expert and know enough deeply all that we have indicated and indicate next, according to corporate translations, also have overcomed hard tests of knowledge on terminology and normativity. In this way their projects will be translated, prepared and handed over of a precise and agreed way to the budget.

Make your business grow in a global market with translations of communication and marketing with hook. Understand your public and how to arrive at them. Following our process of work, we as translators transmit the voice of your brand as a native one from the region would do it. Then, an experienced advertising editor will improve the style and the fluidity, so that the message sounds natural and sounds culturally relavant.

Our historic successes with projects for corporative translations sandals:

  • Advertising material and name brand
  • Catalogues, labels, packing, packaging and overpackaging
  • Documentation of normative fulfillment
  • Corporative information and brochures
  • Manuals and E-learning courses
  • Financial brochures, public supplies, contracts with societies off-shore or fusions and acquisitions
  • Semester or annual information
  • Brochures and materials of creation of name brand
  • Communications of the executive and financial direction
  • Corporate information
  • Presentations
  • Press releases
  • Product launchings
  • Websites
  • Manuals of installation, operation, service and maintenance
  • Processes of work