DVX3 Profesional

Jdftraducciones has established services of translation of art and Literature which have produced translations of high quality for a diversity of clients throughout the years. Our work team unites all the niches that is in the scope of the art and Literature, and with a vocabulary diversity that always will select the best words and sequences according to the specifications of the project and the client.

The team for translation of Jdftraducciones is a global organization with personnel specialized in an ample range of cultures and subjects. We as professional translators guaranteed not only the translation of the linguistic barriers but also of the cultural varieties.

By means of a professional integrity and an excellent communication, the specialized team of Jdftraducciones will do all the possible so that the process be most pleasant and effective.

The translations of all types of books, news articles and a great variety of products inside of the world of art and literature have made us to work and adquire some skills in particular for every project that has been ordered to us so that the adequation of the text offers the same image that the original and in a great variety fo text as the detailed next:

  • Reading books
  • Novels
  • Poetry
  • Literature for children
  • Books of History of the Art
  • Blogs
  • Articles
  • Magazines
  • Magazines on line
  • News bulletins

  • As note: A recent study realised by the European Council of Associations of Literary translators, ECALT in English, revealed that only around 3% of all the books published in English are translations; whereas Literature in other countries, in small countries in particular, can reach an amazing 80% of books translated from the English to the mother tongue. In Germany, 13% of books are translations. In France is a 27%, in Spain a 28%, in Turkey a 40% and in Slovenia a 70%.

    This emphasizes the importance of services of literary translation, not only at the time of translating its texts in the most important languages but also considering the minority languages in cultures where the character and the content of the book are showy. Also a effort on the part of ECALT exists at the moment to diversify texts available in English, supporting the services of literary translation of texts of minor languages. The translation is considered in many countries as an art form and deserves a certain respect. Nevertheless, the British market has been historically less receptive at the time of translated texts, and now it is beginning to carry out a change of tendencies.