DVX3 Profesional

Nowadays the economy and the cultures worldwide are so interrelated, that it is not possible to be ignored the fact that Internet also is global, intercultural and multilingual mean, since has allowed the geographic limits to disappear.

The language continues being the main used instrument to transmit messages and to communicate. The studies demonstrate that our perception and the understanding of what is said in our mother tongue is not reliable to the 100 x 100. Therefore, our understanding of what is said in a foreign language is far from being perfect.

People has more confidence and are more safe when using their own language in any speaking or understanding process. It is for that reason, that at this point of globalisation is made indispensable count on websites that “speak” to the users in their own language.

To have a multilingual Web is a profitable investment, which results inescapable in the present global market for several reasons:
It improves the entrepreneurial image: to have a Web available in several languages demonstrates to have interest and awareness for the needs of the users who will see it like a more serious company, great and consolidated, which means to gain credibility on the market.

It reduces the entrepreneurial costs: mainly in the departments of Attention to the Client and Technical Attendance, since the potential clients who visit the Web will understand clearly the advantages and the form to use the products or services offered.

It makes possible majors sale opportunities: the fact to understand the advantages clearly to buy products or to acquire services is an inescapable requirement for the sale. Nobody will buy something that does not know if it will result useful to him/her. The studies demonstrate that people are more prone to buy in websites that are published in their native language.

It offers major diffusion and reaching of the information: taking like reference the data offered by Internet World Stats, it is esteemed that a Web in Spanish only can arrive at approximately, 500 million users. If the English is added to it, other 600 million can come. To have in addition the version in other languages as French or Portuguese could increase the number to 700 million more. With only 4 languages, the access to 1,800 million possible clients is being facilitated.

It improves search engine optimization: more languages mean more contents, and therefore the finders will assign better scores to the multilingual Webs, since the translations never will be considered by Google like duplicated content.

It offers an amortization of the investment: the increase of the price of a multilingual Web is small considering the advantages that it offers, and to real effects it is like having several totally different websites.